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Sizzling Weather and Potential Storms Ahead

What you should know

Temperatures are expected to climb into the 90s for several days, with potential storms in the forecast. PSE&G is monitoring weather conditions and has additional personnel on hand to handle any power interruptions. We also have extra personnel on duty to speak with customers, and additional appliance service technicians to assist with central air conditioner repairs.

While we don’t expect to have a problem delivering the additional power our customers will need to stay cool, we are keeping a close eye on the weather and will be prepared to respond to any potential power outages.

Here is some important information to help you be prepared:

Stay Safe
PSE&G reminds customers to always stay away from downed wires. If a downed wire falls on your vehicle, stay in your car, call 911 and wait for first responders to arrive. Also, remember to never use a generator inside your home, or in or near any enclosed space.

Report Downed Wires, Outages and Stay Informed 
To report power outages or downed wires, call PSE&G's Customer Service line at 1-800-436-PSEG (7734). You can also report outages online by logging in to My Account at Our mobile-friendly website includes an Outage Map that is updated every 15 minutes and displays the location and status of power outages in PSE&G's service area. 

To report power outages via text message, and receive outage updates by text and email, sign up for MyAlerts by logging in to My Account. To learn more about MyAlerts, visit, or refer to yesterday’s EnergeLink e-newsletter from PSE&G.  

WorryFree Appliance Repair
If experiencing difficulties with central air conditioning units or other appliances, PSE&G customers can schedule a WorryFree* repair service appointment online by logging in to My Account, or calling 1-800-436-PSEG (7734).

Tips to Help You Save Energy and Stay Cool
  1. Don’t cool an empty house. Set your thermostat higher when you are away.
  2. Don’t cool unused rooms. Close the vents and shut the door.
  3. Operate appliances in the morning or evening when it is cooler outside. 
  4. Close blinds and draperies facing the sun to keep out the sun’s heat.
  5. Use a microwave or crockpot instead of the oven. They won’t heat the house.

*PSE&G WorryFree services are not the same as the utility services provided by PSE&G’s regulated gas and electric delivery utility. PSE&G WorryFree services are only available to customers located in PSE&G’s service territory. Similar services can be provided by service companies other than PSE&G. A list of those service companies may be available from public listings, including telephone directories. Customers are not required to purchase PSE&G WorryFree services to receive safe, adequate, and proper utility service.



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